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How to use NTSE Webinar
1. Requirements:
Webinars will take place on Adobe Connect platform.
You may login to webinar either by using;
- a PC/Mac computer supporting microphone, speaker/headphones with Adobe Connect plug-in installed or,
- an Android tablet / smart phone with Adobe Connect Mobile application installed or,
- an iPad or iPhone with Adobe Connect Mobile application installed.
Please click on links that match your devices and install required plug-ins and applications before attending our webinars.

2. Login:
Webinar login address is: conf.dogakoleji.com/ntse
Please use the above address to reach our webinar from your browser or your applications. Please provide your name and enter as a guest.
A webinar host will accept your login request shortly.
[Login page screenshot]

3. Audio Setup
When you are loged in to the webinar you will see the presentation screen. You will be able to watch live presentations, videos and access files available to download.
[Screenshot of presentation window and Audio Setup Wizard location]

4. Parts of Webinar Session
Webinar will start with presentation documents that will be presented by one of our speakers.
Webinar will continue with Nano-Kit presentation. Our speakers will unbox a Nano-Kit live and provide detailed information.
Webinar will end with Question & Answer part.

5. During Presentations
You may follow the webinar from all available devices. If you have questions you may ask them via CHAT window. Our speaker will try to reply all quesitons.
You may easily recognise CHAT window at the bottom of your screen.

6. During Question&Answer session
Webinar screen layout will change to Q&A view automaticly and you will be able to ask your questions. Your voice and video may be live streamed in webinar if you have necessary equipment available. Just raise a hand and wait for the host to allow your video and microphone.

7. Participating with voice and video
If you are going to participate with your voice and video please setup your audio and video settings before you raise a hand.
Using headphones and good quality microphone is highly recommended in order to avoid feedback/echo. Please try to place your headphone/speaker and your microphone away from each other facing opposite directions. Your speech may be interrupted by a host if undesired feedbacks/loops occur.
[Location of "Preferences" if you are allowed to participate live]
[Location of "Raising Hand"]
[Echo Suppression in Audio Settings is mandatory if you will speak]
[Screenshot of Q&A Layout]

8. Further Information
Webinar room will be open half an hour before the webinar session. So you will have enough time to prepare for the session.
Please refer to Adobe Connect Info section below for further reading about Adobe Connect platform and detailed troubleshooting information.
Adobe Connect Info and Troubleshooting
Meeting login issues
Problems running a meeting
Content issues
Broadcasting camera and voice